How Much Does a Notary Public Service Cost?

Do you need to notarise documents soon but don’t know how much you’re going to spend for the entire process? Well, sometimes you really need to have an idea of the cost first to ensure that you have enough budget. At least you can prepare an adequate amount of money before finally agreeing to their services.

What is a Notary Service?

Do you own important documents such as copy certifications, loan papers, or property deeds? If you do, then you should know that to make the document valid, a notary public should be present or bear witness during the signing process. That would attest to the originality of the copy of your document.

A notary is authorized by the state to verify the identity of witnesses as well as the authenticity of the signatures to avoid fraud. With that said, the notary ensures to ask for identification from all parties to verify that they are who they say they are. Furthermore, they’re also responsible for assessing if the parties know what the documents are all about and to know if they are forced to sign the documents or not.

Some institutions such as shipping stores and banks offer Notarisation as a supplementary service. However, take note that the process would require a fee.

What is the standard notary public fee?

The fee depends on which state you are having your documents notarised. States set a maximum fee and the notaries could charge as much as they want as long as they don’t exceed the maximum amount.

The standard notary can cost you $0.25 to $20. That would be billed per-person or per-signature depending on the rules of the state. However, there are some states where notaries can charge any amount they want.

Take note that mortgage closings are more expensive compared to standard Notarisation.

If you’re going to hire mobile notaries, you should be aware that they charge an additional amount for the travel fees. That’s fairly understandable because they’re the ones who travel to your location. However, just like the traditional notaries, the state also has a limit for the travel charge. Mostly, those limits are low but there are times that they charge the parties at a “reasonable” price.

To cut it short, the signer and the notary should agree on the travel costs first before they proceed with the Notarisation process. If you have no idea how much the travel fees would cost you, it is best to ask your mobile notary first to avoid an unwanted surprise!

How much is the home loan signing notary fees?

If you’re going to notarise documents such as reverse mortgages, refinancing, or purchasing loans, you have to expect that they would cost higher than the maximum amount set by the state. With these types of documents, it’s not uncommon to pay $100 or even more.

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