The Safest Trampolines: How to Choose the Best in 2019

Trampolines are one of several types of equipment that you can play with or for some exercises. No matter what the reasons are, choosing a trampoline shouldn’t be taken so lightly; according to a statistic, at about 100,000 trampoline-caused-injuries are recorded each year.

If you are currently planning to buy one of those trampolines for home use, here are some tips on how to choose the best trampoline this 2019 to ensure your family’s safety because being safe when jumping is important.

Tip #1: Choose the right size and shape of trampoline that is appropriate for kids

If you have kids and you are planning to purchase one for them, you should start deciding which size and shape of trampoline that will keep them from getting injuries.

Here are a few trampoline sizes and shapes that you should start checking:

  • Round trampolines – One of the most common trampolines that you can find in the available today; however, these types aren’t always the best in some scenarios. Most of the round trampolines impart the reaction force around the perimeter evenly, which means the jumpers would technically move towards the middle of the trampoline, bumping each other without control.

Nevertheless, this can be avoided if you choose the right size of the trampoline;

o    6 feet in diameter trampoline is ideal for exercise.
o    8 feet in diameter trampoline is ideal for one jumper.
o    10-12 feet diameter trampoline is ideal for 1 to 2 jumpers.
o    14-16 feet diameter trampoline is the largest and good for 3 to 5 jumpers

  • Oval trampolines – Although oval trampolines make the jumpers move towards the middle of the trampoline, just like the round ones, oval trampolines have large jumping surfaces than the latter. Also, since oval trampolines have a larger jumping surface, these types are best used for multiple jumpers.

Oval trampolines do not have other particular sizes; most of these models fall into a medium and large category.

  • Square and rectangular trampolines – These are the least popular trampolines in the market today due to various reasons, including safety and efficiency. However, you can still find the best ones that assure the safety of the jumpers while having so much fun.

Tip #2: Read reliable posts and product reviews

To ensure you are buying the best one that guarantees the safety of the jumper, you should start reading reliable product review and posts like this. Also, find out which trampoline has additional safety features that will guarantee the bouncers’ safety; these features may include safety net, sturdy trampoline surface, and reliable and durable trampoline frame.

Tip #3: Choose a trampoline that will fit the space you have available

How big is your backyard? Is the trampoline you have in mind will fit into your current home area where you want to install it? Before buying anything, make sure to consider these following factors, the size of the trampoline, the shape, the space you have, and the price of the trampoline that you are willing to spend.

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