Vaping: Is it really a better alternative?

is vape better than smoking

In the recent years, we have been hearing a lot about a new alternative to cigarette smoking—vaping. From teenagers to late adults, this trend has become so widespread. According to vapers, the use of vaporizer is much safer than the traditional cigarette smoking. But is this really true? Let us find out.

What is vaping?

Before anything else, let us look into what vaping really is. Basically, vaping is the act or process of inhaling and exhaling water vapor that is generated from a vaporizer or e-cigarette, an electronic device. The water vapor is the liquid in the electronic device but is in the form of gas; however, for vapes, the smoke dissipates faster and has better fragrance as it actually comes in flavors of fruit, mint and so on.

Literally, vaporizers could be e-cigarettes, marijuana vapes or medical vaporizers. However, our topic focuses mainly on e-cigarettes which is the new trend in today’s world. Furthermore, these e-cigarettes may commonly be in the form of vaporizer pens or vape tanks.

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Is it better than traditional smoking?

It actually is a better alternative to the traditional cigarette smoking. Vaporizers or the the vaping trend was created by a Chinese pharmacist who was inspired by his father’s death due to cancer caused by cigarette smoking. He created this new smoking method in hopes of giving smokers a safer and less harmful way of enjoying inhaling and exhaling vapor.

Indeed, vaping is free from tobacco. Sometimes, it is also free from nicotine. The main difference between cigarette smoking and vaping is that with the use of vape, there is no more smoke; instead, it is only water vapor.

It is still similar to smoking but this time, without tobacco or nicotine. This is amazing since these two ingredients are actually the main culprits of all the crazy health risks smokers are exposed to: cancer, bronchitis, etc. That being said alone, vaping is, indeed, better than smoking.

Another advantage to vaping is the fact that there is no more unpleasant odor unlike burning cigarettes. There are less burning accidents that occur now that the device is just electronic. Besides this, vapers are free of ash trays and all that annoying ashes from cigarette sticks.

Now, instead of buying packs and packs of cigarettes and shelling out money daily, weekly, or monthly for cigarettes, vaporizers are actually just refillable and rechargeable. In the long run, vaporizer helps you save more cash.

The Final Say

Indeed, this new alternative poses greater benefits and lesser dangers to its users. However, there are some issues concerning electric failures in the devices which have been the problems the vaping industry is facing. But besides this, it is safe to say that the use of these vape pens and vape tanks is what will save people from death due to tobacco and nicotine. The idea of vaping is actually really good as it makes sure that smokers can “smoke” in a new and safer way.